Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Headphones

I have never had good headphones before.

I had some squandering money from selling my scooter. So I bought these:
[learn  all about them]

Yes they were not cheap, but holly crap they sound amazing.
They make listening to music at work so awesome.

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HD800&LCD-3FAN said...

"The world’s most famous headphone" Pfff. Why do I feel like I'm living the life size version of "Idiocracy"? For that price I'd go AKG K550. I'm guessing Beats are for a world of ear bud jockeys who think the universe has chosen them to be privy to a singularity that is the brainchild of a frigging pop star. Sorry, what am I doing? Are you happy with your purchase? If so, don't go down the rabbit hole. I take it all back. The amount of sweat and tears (and money!) I expend in search of an audiophilian utopia is my own cross to bear. I might secretly envy those who get bumpy from cheap headphones, or fucking Bose products.