Monday, November 17, 2014


This was a jam packed weekend.

Friday was the most low key. Nancy was out so it was just Jett and I, so it consisted of eating pizza and watching Regular Show.

Saturday my friend Meg got married. The wedding and reception were a lot of fun. Got way way too drunk. Played giant jenga. Hung out at Fox & Hound in between.

Sunday went to brunch with my friend Brennan and his family. Always good to get to see him. Then Nancy and I went and saw Birdman. It was bizarre and awesome all at the same time. Bought Jett some new clothes at Old Navy. Ordered Chinese food. Watched The Foo Fighters show on HBO.

It snowed here all day yesterday. Didn't stick to the streets so it was nice. I need to bring crap in from the patio. I was not ready for snow and true cold at all.

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