Saturday, December 13, 2014

Book Review


I received an email from @drewtoothpaste about being able to download his book for free for that day.

You could read an excerpt, so I checked it out. The page I read was really funny. So for free I had nothing to lose. Plus I was not in the mood for any of the other books I had been currently reading and this seemed to be exactly what I needed.

The book is a super quick read, I tore through it.

The style is sort of journal like. Each page is pretty much a chapter. And it is a firsthand account of the main character telling you about his life. So the book is always moving and new.

The book is about a guy who isn’t quite all there. He is socially awkward, was picked on in high school, has a series of odd experiences at jobs, likes to write slogans for companies(some of which are hilarious) and has a sad, funny bizarre life.

The book is funny, heartbreaking, tension filled and sad all at the same time. There are times where you are reading and you know what the main character is going to do, you want him to make another choice, you feel for him, but... you end up so bummed he made the wrong choice.

I have a digital copy that you can read. But it’s cheap so you should support the author.

You can read several chapters on the amazon page below, so check it out for yourself.

[buy it for $5 here]

I designed and am having pins made of one of the characters slogans, “Thanks Lamps” Read the book and you can have one.

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