Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lazy Posting

Wow, I haven't posted since Saturday. Here is a brief description of what I've been up to. Because I know you are dying to know.

  • Work. Several presentations.
  • Reading. Finished The Girl On The Train and Mr. Mercedes. Both were good. Wouldn't be surprised if both are made into movies.
  • Went to Peacemaker for dinner. Delicious.
  • Finished this season of American Horror story. Would've preferred if the second to last episode would've been the last episode.
  • Have only had two drinks (both with dinner) since last Friday.
  • Went to the doctor for a physical. Exciting.
  • Bought tickets to Sufjan Stevens.
  • Made a tattoo appointment in KC for the end of February.
  • Geting tattooed next week.
  • Going to physical therapy for my shoulder next week.

As you were.

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