Friday, March 20, 2015

Movie Review

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-

I was not a fan of the original. But I had heard that the book was really good, so I had read it, meh.
I dig David Fincher, so I was interested in seeing his take on it. Not interested enough to see it until just the other night. And only because the blu ray was only $10 at Target.

It was shot well as are all his movies.

But I was sorely disappointed.

I kept asking myself why do I care about any of these characters? For a long movie I learned very little about any of them, really.

Things just constantly seemed to happen for no real reason. I would imagine if I wasn't as familiar with the story, I really would've been perplexed.

This will certainly be going into my sell pile.

Want it? $10 watched just once.

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