Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pirated Music Article

This article in the New Yorker shows an in depth account into pirated music.
Read it here.

What I found interesting is time and time again the leaked albums still went onto be #1 on the charts.

So yes one could assume the people who did not illegally download it would have bought it. But one could also assume that friends of the person who obtained it illegally exposed people to it who otherwise might have paid it no attention. Maybe those people went and bought it?

I am not saying pirating music causes no monetary loss for the record labels. But maybe they need to realize that the profits can't remain what they historically have been.

The public is not stupid (well they are but that's another story) they get that a digital album takes far less that packaging and distributing physical albums. Yet the price of an album download is still $10 or so.

The recording industry needs to truly rethink their industry. Rather than only putting energy towards fighting what they only see as a problem. They could look at how to turn it to a positive. What value could they add for people who do purchase the music?

Especially when you constantly hear that the artists barry make anything from the records that they make all their money from touring. So are people really too concerned with some record executive not making as much money? No.

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Jim Rhodes said...

Home taping is killing music :)