Sunday, May 10, 2015

Movie Reviews

I watched 2 movies last night. Well watched one and stopped watching another.

We shall start with the good one.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a non-action based zombie movie?!
And it was great.
I absolutely loved this movie. It was a truly original take on the genre. It brought a completely new human factor to the entire thing. Just as Unforgiven had done for westerns, this did for the zombie movie.

It takes place in the apocalypse world before it’s complete chaos. When people are still focusing on trying to live a normal life. Not just do anything to survive.

The plot is just Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter had been bit and contracted the virus. The incubation period is 4-6 weeks. She is taken home to basically live out the last few weeks of her life until turning and going to quarantine.

This movie is a must see. It is at the theater and is available on iTunes (maybe other places)

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck-

Montage of shit.

Hey Kurt Cobain’s weird mom (who looks very much like Courtney Love) kept and let us use a bunch of of notebooks and drawings of Kurt’s. Lets animate them and make shitty music videos that we think have deeper meaning.

We made it about 20 minutes in. Then started fast forwarding through the music video parts and just trying to watch the interviews. But I couldn’t stand to listen to those any longer.

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