Monday, June 22, 2015

Movie Reviews

Soaked In Bleach-

This is a conspiracy documentary about the death of Kurt Cobain. It alleges that it was not suicide.

The movie is told through interviews with a private investigator that Courtney Love had hired 5 days before Kurts death. And through a ton of audio recordings that investigator made during the investigation. This recordings had, Courtney, Kurt’s entertainment lawyer, the police and others. It also has reenactments, but they are actually done pretty well and do not distract at all.

After watching it, I certainly think the case should be reopened. There was a lot of fishy things about the case.

If you like Conspiracy theory stuff it is well worth watching.

The Seven Five-

A documentary about dirty cops in a specific New York precinct in the 80s.

This movie is complete craziness.

The stories of what these cops (one in particular) did is almost unbeliveable.  This will surely be made into a hollywood drama.

It’s Goodfellas but with cops.

A must see.

True Detective Season 2-

The first episode was on last night.

Not much happened other than introducing us to a lot of characters. And giving us our first taste of those characters. But I dug it and am interested to see how they all start to connect/overlap.

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