Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Taxidermists are two friends from Massachusetts. Guitarist and singer Cooper Handy and drummer Salvadore McNamara have been playing together since they met (on Myspace) in 2007.

An equal mix of sludge and dreamy. Jangle and heavy. It has elements of Sunny Day Real Estate, but striped down.

There is something fresh yet nostalgic about this music. Listening to this it makes me think of being in the basement of Cicero's long ago.

This is the fourth Taxidermists LP, but the first available outside Massachusetts, and the first in Hi-Fi. Written on a farm in Hadley, perfected on tour, and recorded by Elisha Wiesner at his Studio Double Platinum on Martha’s Vineyard. Mastered by the legendary Bob Westonin Chicago.

[Pre order Honesty Box here.]

[Bandcamp page]

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