Thursday, August 20, 2015

Movie Review

The Boy-

The trailer looked so good. Creepy, suspensful.

The movie started off that way. A slow atmospheric taught thriller. It has David Morse and Rainn Wilson starring.

But even good performances weren’t ultimately enough to keep this movie being good all the way through.

Tense gave way to almost laughable.

There were odd choices the director made. The slow motion prom after party in particular.

And so many red herrings. From characters (what are they up to?) to camera shots (oh no is that slow shot of that thing foreshadowing to something dreadful?)

Nope just a normal person. Just a slow panning shot. Ugh.

And the music. It tried way too hard to telegraph what the mood was supposed to be.

This was adapted fro ma short  (Henley) the director did about the same basic story. I have not seen the short, but I do think k11 minutes is a far better run time for this than almost 2 hours.

Lets maybe use this review to start a STAR ranking system for the reviews.

And sadly it gets 2 out of 5.

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