Monday, August 10, 2015

True Detective Season 2

Season 1 was awesome. The way the story unfolded. The attention to details that made you eager to see how things played out.

So when Season 2 was announced I was excited as were the masses.

What an utter waste of 8.5 hours of my life.

I could’ve easily watched 4 or 5 good movies in that same time.

Lame dialogue.
A plot you just don’t care about.
Pointless characters.
Too many characters.
Tried way to hard.
Characters making idiotic unrealistic choices.

Had the show actually killed off Colin Farrel’s character in episode 2 or was it 3? It would’ve been so much better.

If this did not ruin the chance of a season 3. I will give it exactly 1 episode to amaze me or I will definitely not watch the whole season. We kept thinking season 2 would get better.

We were wrong.

Absolutely horrible.

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