Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's Design Week in STL

Industry events are useful, if you are younger and newer to the industry. Here in St. Louis it's maybe 1 degree of separation, so meeting more people and being involved is a good thing.

But I have mostly sworn off industry events long long ago.

I went to the Good Fucking Design Advice presentation last night. I did so because it was part of the AIGA mentor match program (well to go to an event with your menthe. This is the one she chose). I know that I am taking part in another industry event starts to make my previous statement seem like bullshit. But... I am all for trying to help, give advice, mentor young people entering the industry.

So back to the point. When I go to industry events, it often does the opposite of what I suppose the intention is. They sort of make me hate what we do.

We make trash.

Physical trash and digital trash.

It is a fun way to earn a decent living. And I'm really not sure what else I would do for a living.

But in no way shape or form is it important. We aren't saving lives. We try to justify it's importance. We pat ourselves on the backs at award shows, Have our own gossip sites and all sorts of other crap.

So, I'm not sure I have a point. I know I have a love/hate relationship with what I do for a living. So if you are at an event that I happen to be at, come up, say hi, call me a hypocrite. We can talk about the industry or what else we'd like to leave the industry to go do instead.

Kegs with Legs is at Bruton Strobe tonight. You should go. They are good people who do good work. It will surely be a lot of fun, although I won't be there.

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