Friday, October 2, 2015

6 Hour Workday

So below is a link to an article about Sweden going to a 6 hour work day.

I do think there needs to be a significant change in the work hours/day in the US. Technology has infiltrated all of our jobs, efficiencies continue to increase, yet we are still stuck in the 40 hour work week (and way too many people working far more) that started in 1914!!!

The Ford Motor Company advanced the idea in 1914, when it scaled back from a 48-hour to a 40-hour workweek after founder Henry Ford believed that too many hours were bad for workers' productivity. The formation of unions helped to strengthen the idea of working five days a week as well.

So... I would say that after 101 years we are due a change. I mean hell I am at the office right now, but I typing this stupid post. I go to the coffee shop most everyday, just to break up the day.

While I know working in the advertising world isn't exactly a normal job and I assume we have a few more freedoms than many. So maybe the actual work done at work is skewed for me.

I would love to see exactly how many hours a day/week are spent doing actual work. When does the chit chat in a meeting stop and the reason we are all in one room begin? When are we doing research vs. looking on amazon?

Who is for a change?

I think maybe having 4 core hours of operation that all employees must be in the office, with 2 floating hours would be the ultimate plan.

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