Friday, October 23, 2015

Show Review

Last night was fun. Maybe a little too much fun. I am very hungover.

It started when power went out in our building at work around 1:30 yesterday. So of course we went out to drink. And continued to do so till after midnight.

Blaine Cartwright (of Nashville Pussy) played first. It was just him and one other guy on guitar. They were good although playing to a mostly empty bar.

Next up was supposed to be Birdcloud, but instead Mountain Sprout decided they would play second since the majority of the crowd was there to see Birdcloud. They were a 3 piece consisting of fiddle, banjo and stand up bass.

Birdcloud was up next. I posted earlier this week about them. I had been listening to them a lot this week. Their show did not disapoint.  They were good, fun and funny. I would definately go see them again.

It was far more crowded than we thought it would be. And quite an odd crowd at that.

If you didn't go, you should have. If they come to town again, go see them.

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