Thursday, November 19, 2015


I went to a Digital Symposium yesterday.

I won't really go into what I thought about it right now. But it did make me wonder about the entire future of digital media, etc. and how agencies will treat it.

I find it odd that we are still separating digital out as a separate thing in agencies. Sure you need developers. But that's no different than if you are doing broadcast needing editors.

There is nothing I hate more than the title Digital Creative Director. Are there TV Creative Directors? Promotions Creative Directors? Print Creative Directors? You get the point.

Just like with any medium one should understand what is possible. But knowing technically how to do it is completely not a requirement.

I think technology will continue to evolve so quickly and new platforms continue to arise, that for the majority of agencies it will not be wise to try and keep digital focused people on staff. Yes there will be digital shops. Just as there are above the line focused shops.

But I also think there could be a digital version of a production studio that becomes far more frequent.

And I would think that once the new shininess of digital media wears off on most clients/brands they will realize that most of it is the digital version of the Value-Pack coupon crap you get in the mail that goes directly into the recycle bin without ever getting opened.

Sure people click on banner ads, video views are supposedly high. But it's all how you measure the "data" Was that banner clicked on by mistake because it was some annoying page takeover? Did the video view count because it was an auto play once the page loaded and you scrolled down the page and never actually saw it?

I could be wrong, but I would say I am not wrong that there will be some drastic change.


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