Thursday, November 5, 2015

Spec Work Is Dumb.

Ad and design agencies pretty much always sink to the lowest common denominator. They live on the fear that if they don't do it, someone will come along and do it cheaper.

And rather than being glad they dodged a bullet, that would be a project that would not be profitable or even lose them money, they jump at the opportunity, just so they can be the one to do it.

And often it is because of the "it will lead to more projects" crap.

Even if it does, why do you think that a client who wanted to not pay what things cost to begin with, will be a good client to have for longer term?

The above video by Zulu does a good job of showing how ridiculous spec work is.

The majority of other industries do not operate in this inane way. When I was going to have a pool built, I had to look at the companies previous projects, meet with them, get an estimate, then trust my decision of who I went with. And understood if it didn't go exactly how I wanted then I would need to work with them to adjust, or use someone else afterward.

I love what I do for a living. But our industry is so stupid.

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