Monday, December 14, 2015

Agencies And Football

I've often thought of an ad agency in terms of an NFL team. I think there is much that could be learned/copied from this comparison.

Creative Director (or head creative no matter the stupid title= Quarterback
Account Director (same title rules as above)= Coach

Then the creatives are the players. And the account team is the coaching staff.
You have your skill player positions. And you have your key coordinators. And then you have your back-ups, special teams, trainers, etc.

You need everyone to have a successful team. But you also easily know who the stars are. Who those franchise players are that you need to make sure you sign to remain competitive.

But in the agency world far too often the star players leave. No you can't make them sign multi year deal, but you could make sure the stars are treated as such. Because there haven't been very many teams that have won a super bowl with a back up QB.

I am also surprised that agencies don't do a better job of scouting and recruiting and trading.

Sure they kinda do, but the talent they have their eye on really is just based on who current employees know or had worked with in the past.

I am shocked that "hot" agencies don't have to worry about keeping the team together as much as the season after a team wins the super bowl.

Maybe this thought process would be too harsh. But maybe it could also be the thing that makes people want to go to the pro bowl. Or maybe they would find great success as a lineman.

I have a lot more thought about this. But maybe I will leave it for another day.

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