Saturday, December 26, 2015

Movie Reviews

Me, Earl and The Dying Girl-

This was a mash up of John Hughes, Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson. Which make this pretty awesome.

A sweet movie about an award high school boy and a girl who has cancer.

Quirky, funny, sad and good.

Well acted. Well shot. Well worth seeing.

The Cobbler-

The director Tom McCarthy has done some awesome low key movies; The Station Agent, The Visitor and Win Win. I really like all 3 of those. So I was excited about his latest movie. And I am an Adam Sandler fan, and like his turns at Drama.

This had been pretty critically panned, so I tried going in with an open mind.

I was really enjoying it. But then it took one too many odd turns for me. It was a quiet sweet drama, an thriller and a scuff movie. But it didn’t combine those in a good way.

Certainly unlike anything else I saw this year.

And not as bad as some other things I’ve watched this week.

But I can’t really recommend watching this. Instead go check out the directors three previous films.

Good mindless fun.
I had zero expectations going into this.
And as Nancy said it’s a sort of Ghostbusters type story.

It had parts that made me laugh. The pop culture references were fun.

Enjoyable. But not high cinema. But it’s not trying to be.

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