Wednesday, January 13, 2016


So that was the NFL owner vote to let the Rams move back to LA.

I'd like to know what owners voted no.

I am also surprised by the lack of sports radio/reporting not talking about why the NFL played this out as they did...

They let the St. Louis task force jump through hoops, the Missouri government have votes and waste time that could've been spent on far more important issues, only because had they let on that no matter what St. Louis did the Rams were still going to be leaving, it would have meant selling far far fewer tickets than they already did.

It would have given the fans a fair shake to decide to spend their money and see the team off, or to move on to support another team or move on from the NFL entirely.

I am a Steelers fan, but I supported the Rams and loved that St. Louis had an NFL team. I love watching NFL football. But I also think that the NFL needs to straighten it's shit out. Sure they are the biggest sport in the US. But there was a time that it wasn't. And it could go back to that again.

This deal has messed with the teams and fans in 4 separate markets. How many more markets can they mess with before they truly start losing fan support altogether?

Yes the decisions that were made were 100% business. But sports are about far more than business. It is about emotion and connection.

So whatever Rams. You have sucked for a long time. I hope you continue to suck.

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