Monday, January 4, 2016

I Hate Fantasy Football

There I said it.

I know that among people who like sports that I am by far in the minority.

I've never played. It might be the best thing ever. But to me it was adding too much time and effort into the idea of watching a game that already eats away at way too much of my already too short weekend time. And now two week nights.

When it was first becoming a thing, I got it. It gave people a reason to have interest in a game they normally would have no interest in. It made people a bigger fan of the NFL as opposed to a single team they support.

But now it has gotten so big that I think people have become too obsessed by fantasy football. The real game only seems to exist in order to allow people to play in their fantasy league.

Then throw on the big business side of the companies that shall remain nameless here, but who advertise non stop. And it makes the actual games seems like an after thought.

That every pre game show and show on sports radio has a fantasy advice segment, drives me crazy.

I hope that the bubble on this bursts soon, so the games can go back to primarily being the true focus.

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