Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kind Of A Half Assed Movie Review

I watched several movies over the weekend. None of which really deserves being reviewed all for their own.

With the American remake of Martyrs coming out, I decided to rematch the original. I was extremely underwhelmed when I had seen it the first time. But people still rave about it, so I thought maybe I was in the wrong state of mind, so I'd give it another chance.

I still didn't like it at all. The movie to me is utterly forgettable. As I watched it, I barely remembered a single thing. I will not be giving this movie a third chance.

I also finally go around to watching American Sniper. Meh.
There were some good scenes. But it felt very hollywood war movie.

Then I watch a move on Netflix that I had no idea existed, The Iceman. It is based on the true story of a mob hitman. It starred Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta, Winonna Ryder and James Franco.
It too had some good scenes. The performances were good, but it was choppy and uneven. And in the end, the poor script over shadowed the good qualities.

So in all about 6 hours wasted.

I also caught a good chunk of Mad Max- Fury Road two different times on HBO this weekend. I can't see that movie enough.

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