Sunday, February 14, 2016

Half Ass Reviews Of Things

The New Kanye West Album. It was supposed to be out this past Friday. It did not. I watched the live stream of the listening party at Madison Square Garden. I know a person who was involved in the fashion show-ish part of it. I personally can’t wait for the album to come out.

Louis CK’s new show Hoarace & Pete. You can only buy it directly from his site. It feels like a stage play. It has an amazing cast of actors involved in it. It’s part cheers (per the setting alone) and part All In The Family (by 70s dramas, kinda funny). Well worth watching.

The House On Pine Street is a low budget ghost story. It has a good creepy atmosphere. It pulled me in and got me interested. But the conclusion was ultimately a disappointment.

We Are Monsters was a typical horror revenge movie. It had promise of doing something a little different and be interesting. But in the end it did what all the movies in this genre have done before it. It sealed the end of my ever watching another movie like this ever again.

The History of The Eagles was an epic 3 hour documentary. It is split into two parts. Part one is the history from the pre beginnings of the band to it’s ultimate break up in 1980. This part was really interesting. And I should have stopped watching it then. Part two showed the awful 80’s solo careers of it’s two main members. And then the reunion. Had this not been a full hour and just been 15 minutes of the first part, that would’ve been ok. But a full hour of it, when I have no interest of the newer material was not what I wanted to see at all.

Got a new bourbon called Oppidan. It’s like liquid dessert. Beautiful packaging too.

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