Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How I Broke My Wrist

So first off, typing with one hand sucks. Getting dressed sucks. Sleeping sucks.

I went to take Jett to the skatepark. We went to Slyvan Springs. I was just carving around and Jett was learning to ride in a rather flat area.

I went up a quarter pipe and couldn’t decide if i was going to do a rock n roll or not. I had a weird amount of speed, so my indecision made me lose my balance, fall back and catch myself on my left hand. I’ve fallen like this 100s of times before, but this one must have hit just right.

I jumped up in pain with my hand bent back in a very unnatural way. I grabbed it and set it back in place.

I yelled to Jett that we had to leave now. He gathered up my bag and boards, loaded things into the car.

Then I proceeded to drive myself 30 minutes to the emergency room, in a ton of pain. Jett was super helpful in spite of the couple times I lost my cool.

We got to the ER and i was taken back pretty quickly. The doctor on duty imediately  knew it was broken. They did x-rays and I was fully expecting both bones in my arm to be broken. But it wasn’t, it is just at my wrist. And it seemed I had set it pretty straight.

So as I was waiting I was checking email, etc on my phone, when they came in to start to prep for my splint.

But then i started to feel hot and odd.

I passed out.

I’m guessing that I had held it together but it all caught up to me once my mom had picked up Jett and I didn’t have to worry about him too.

They did an EKG and all was fine.

Put me in a splint and sent me on my way.

I’m seeing an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Hopefully there will be no surgery and just be a cast.

This is the first time I ever broke anything skating.


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