Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Movie Review

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-

I was excited about this movie from the very first teaser trailer. I have liked every single thing Zack Snyder has done. Yes... even Suckerpunch. His Man of Steel, was the only Superman movie I ever liked. He gave a depth to him that no one had before. And his movies always look insanely good.

Ben Affleck is Bruce Wayne. I thought he was perfect for this role. They also do a little bit of explaining the “bat voice”, which probably would have helped the hate Bale got in the Nolan films.

I will say there is A LOT  going on in this film. A second viewing could be in order. But I liked that we aren’t told every detail. We don’t get backstory after backstory. But we the audience should be smart enough to start to see how all theses characters are connected, and be excited for where it can lead.

That said, I do wish some of the heavy handed shots that are nothing but a studio commercial for the franchise they are launching from this film would have been cut.

I do think this movie plays better for true comic book fans than normal movie goers. But I’m not sure about all the critic hate going on for this movie. PEOPLE it’s a comic book movie. A beautifully shot, well acted one, that has a strong common theme that runs throughout it.

Was it all I had been anticipating for years? No. But I had to move past the movie that I had imagined would be made and let myself be absorbed into the one the director had created.

I’m looking forward to the rumored R rated 30 minute longer blu ray release. I do think either some scenes need to be longer or that the current film needs to be trimmed a bit more.

I certainly can’t wait to see it again. so if you haven’t seen it, I think you should.

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Sean Campbell said...

Really! I want it to be good. I haven't seen it yet. This is the beginning of the Justice League.