Monday, June 27, 2016

Busy Day Off

I took the day off today. I accomplished a lot.
Took Jett to the Orthodontist.
Got my oil changed.
Took Jett to Grandmas.
Got a McGriddle.
Got my car washed.
Watched The Ultimate Fighter.
Went to Nordstrom, bought a new pair of shoes.
Went and saw Neon Demon. (review below)
Went grocery shopping.
Did some laundry.

So I like Nicolas Winding Refn movies.
This would make a good double feature with Black Swan. It was visually very interesting. It might be trying too hard. It might be a bit vague and shallow. But it does make you think about it long after it’s over. So I think that is successful. I don’t think you must see it on the big screen, but I do think it is worth seeing.

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