Sunday, July 24, 2016

TV Review

Stranger Things-

It’s the new Netflix original show that has been getting a ton of buzz. It’s like if a Stephen King story was directed by Steven Spielberg.

The plot is simple;

The story takes place in 1983, a middle school boy disappears. His friends, some teenagers and some adults all look for him.

There are elements of X files, Let The Right One In, It Follows, The Goonies, ET and Close Encounters all in this.

I really liked that the characters spoke to each other. Far too often plots in other movies and shows are moved forward on nothing more than when strange things happen to a character they don’t say anything about it to anyone else.

This was an easy show to completely get sucked into and binge watch. The series is only 8 episodes.

It has a good soundtrack, not only the time period songs but the score is somewhere between John Carpenter, It Follows and a Nicolas Winding Refn movie.

There are a lot of nods to many 80s movies and books, especially those of King and Spielberg.

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