Sunday, August 28, 2016

Reviews of Things I Watched

So far on Friday and Saturday I’ve watched quite a few things. We finally started watching the first season of Fargo. I had been told by man you my friends for years how great it was. But my hate of the Coen brothers and their movies stopped me from giving it a chance. We are two episodes in and it is really really good. Billy Bob Thornton is amazing. Way better than the movie was.

I watched a couple movies too:

The Houses October Built-

A found footage horror movie. A group of 5 friends rent an RV and try to find a truly scary haunted house over the week leading up to Halloween. Inspired by things like Blackout haunted houses, it does address the ever escalating demand for something more intense.

It does have some good creepy scenes, and some of the haunted house scenes are pretty good. There are some odd plot holes, and things that happen, that you shouldn’t think about logically.

But overall I found it entertaining, and if you like horror movies, well worth checking out.

Welcome To Leith-

A documentary chronicling the attempted takeover of a small town in North Dakota by white supremacist Craig Cobb. I remember seeing the trailer and thinking it looked very interesting.

It wasn’t.

One old white power idiot moves into a small barely an excuse for a town. Buys some plots of land, sells some to some other white power groups (who never move there). Has some “plan" to take over the town.

He acts up in some town meetings. They show some of the 24 people that live in Leith who hate him. He walks around with a gun and gets arrested.

I was utterly bored during this movie. And found myself thinking that the movie it should have been should have examined how the first amendment protects idiots too. And while I found Craig Cobb and his beliefs completely idiotic, idiots have to live somewhere too.

And I was surprised that a shitty house with no running water in the middle of nowhere couldn’t be that place.

Best thing about this movie is it’s poster design.

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