Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A book. Some Music And Whatever.

On my flight back from Switzerland on Saturday I read High Fidelity on the recommendation of a coworker, after we were talking about the movie.

I read it cover to cover. The movie is very faithful to the book. Other than the book takes place in the 70s in England.

I really dug it.

My soundtrack to reading the book was the album Phages by The Most Serene republic. I find that album completely amazing. I am obsessing over it currently. Listening to it non stop.

TV season has started back up. I wasn’t prepared for it. Many shows have been tiro’d. Nothing has been watched.

Tomorrow night is an agency I used to work at reunion party. Should be bizarre.

This last trip to Switzerland has established me as a regular at an amazing cocktail bar. The bartenders know me and know my drink. Never would I even begin to think that this would ever happen to me in life.

I also kept my clothes on and did not swim in the river.

Jett and I had an interesting discussion about copyright and public domain this morning. He was curious how Mario Bros. used a certain classical song. This lead to me talking about how Disney ruined the entire idea of why public domain is such a great concept.

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