Saturday, September 3, 2016


Popstar : Never Stop Never Stopping-

Andy Samberg and the lonely island guys do an hilarious job making a mockcumentary of a poster. Modeled after Justin Timberlake (who has a small but hilarious role) and Justin Bieber, and I am sure many others.

Well worth watching.

Fargo TV Show Season 1-

I hate the Cohen Brothers. There I said it.

Yet friends of mine who know that still told me for years that I needed to watch the TV show Fargo. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Then a couple months ago a friend lent me the dvd. They sat on my table unwatched. I felt bad. I felt that I should return them. But since I had them I should watch it. But still I did not.

Then finally this week we watched it.

It was great.

Way better than the movie.

Super tense. Great performances all around, but Billy Bob Thornton was beyond amazing. He was truly frightening, and funny all in one.

If you were dumb like me and did not watch it when it was originally on, do so. Now.

Now on to season 2.

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