Monday, April 3, 2017


So my grass was already getting long and unruly. It's just April but I knew I had to mow it this weekend.

So after lounging all morning Saturday and then taking Jett to keyboard lessons, I went home to tackle the yard work.

I was getting my trimmer cleaned up and prepped. Then was going to go get fresh gas to put in the mower.


Where the fuck was the mower?

It was gone.


I was in shock.

I live in an area that the crime rate is pretty much ZERO. But I guess not.

So problem is I have no clue as to when it went missing. SInce I had shattered my wrist last March and was in a cast then rehab for what seemed like forever last season, I had hired a place to do our yard.

So maybe it's been missing for a year. Maybe it got stolen this past winter. MAybe it got stolen Friday night. I don't have a clue.

Thing is, the mower was old and kinda shitty.

So I went and bought a new one. Very annoying.

To the person out there who stole it, FUCK YOU.

Uh, so my Mom read this and reminded me, I had leant it to her and stored it at her house this winter. Oops.

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