Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year

So I had grand plans on new years eve. It was the first new years we were going to spend in STL in quite some time. But... Not all goes as planned.

Friday morning Elias got out of bed at 8am (very odd for a teenager on Christmas break) went into the bathroom and threw up. I gave him shit about being hung over. He said he wasn't that he had a stomach virus. I though that was just an excuse.

So then Saturday Nancy and I were getting ready to go out to dinner with friends, but first we would need to drop Jett off with grandma. a half hour before we were gong to leave Jett threw up. He said he felt fine. Nancy was going to stay home on new years eve with a sick kid and let me go out with our friends.

Jett was feeling horrible and in bed before I left. Poor little guy.

As I was about a half a mile from our house, I thought if I felt ok. Or if it was just in my head. I got to my friends house for a few pre dinner drinks. We then headed to the restaurant. After we parked I didn't feel so good. But once again that feeling passed. We went to the bar in the restaurant to wait for the rest of our friends. Then it hit me. I went to the the restaurant bathroom. All was not well. I told my friends I had to leave.

As I drove I hoped I could make it home before it hit me again. I did.

Jett and I spent NYE in bed together spewing from both ends every 20 minutes. From about 6pm till 3am. Then once that phase was over then it was just aches and pains and a high fever.

By Sunday night we were both back to normal.

Not the way I wanted to spend New Years.

Thanks Nancy for taking care of us all night. And right now she is hoping she isn't the next one in the house to get it.

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