Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Restaurant Review


We went to the new one on Manchester last night. We've been meaning to go since it opened, because it's so near to where we live.

The service was good. The staff was very nice and attentive.

We both ordered the inside out bloody mary. It was ok. Nothing wrong with it but not a drink I would order again.

The food:

Ahi Tuna tartare- It was chopped up and tossed with a few simple ingredients rather than whole slices. It made the consistency a bit mushy. The taste was ok, but the texture was not great.

Creole lobster and crawfish risotto- Way too salty.

Truffled frites- Not what I was expecting. They were chips. Had a very good taste, but not what I was expecting. And they were cooked a bit uneven. Going from very crisp to very soggy.

Grilled fresh asparagus- They were what it says. Maybe a hair under cooked for my taste, but fine.

Flash fried baby artichoke hearts- The breading overpowered the artichokes.

Pot stickers- These were fine. Fried rather than steamed. The peanut sauce that came with them was way to  overpowering for my taste. But on their own they were ok.

Pulled Korean BBQ pork apple (the servers suggestion)- This was my favorite thing. The combo of tastes and textures was great.

While we weren't thrilled with this visit, I am still intrigued by their brunch and bloody mary menu. Maybe at some point we would be willing to give that a chance. But unlike baseball with me and restaurants you get two strikes and you're out.

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