Sunday, October 6, 2013

# LuckyBrandJeansSuck


Last night I was at Plaza Frontenac and went to Lucky.

I found an awesome pair of jeans on sale. They fit great. I loved them.

They were originally $180. I got them for $35. Great deal. Or so I thought.

I put them on this morning.

Headed out to brunch with some friends then to the Rams game.

Before I left the house, the knee tore out.

Oh well I thought, they were a distressed pair of jeans.During the walk from brunch to the stadium  the right thigh near the pocket tore vertically.

As we got to the game and throughout the game, the tears got larger and larger. It ended up like this:

Pretty insane.

I was not expecting to basically be naked at a game today.

I went back to Lucky as soon as I got home. The clerk was very nice. The manager was not there but was on her way.

All I was offered was the $35 I paid for them. And I was basically called a liar about what happened to them.

I was asked what I wanted from them. I wanted at least enough store credit to get a pair of jeans that would not fall apart and leave me close to naked after one wearing.

The manager told me no way.

I took my refund and informed them that I would never be shopping there again.

What a piss poor way to do business Lucky Brand Jeans.

I have emailed their customer service and posted the story on their Facebook wall. We shall see if they decide to fix this situation. Or if they decide to blame me for faulty merchandise.

If they do not offer to fix the situation, I have many Lucky brand pieces of clothing I will be throwing away, unless there is someone out there who wants it.



KYD FEMME said...


KYD FEMME said...

I've only been into Lucky once. The clingy store lady kept barging in on me half naked in the dressing room (curtain door) to keep handing me more jeans. I kept saying "just a minute" but she kept barging in saying "oh let me see how those fit on youuu!" like she was my mother. Finally I had to get out of there so I handed her the pair of jeans back and she asked me "how can I make these jeans work for you?" Really? How can you personally make this pair of jeans work for me? Are you personally going to sew them in a new configuration so that they will fit? Are you personally going to make the fabric thicker and more durable? Boundaries, broad. Luckily she pressed me out of buying anything.

houvenagle said...

Fatty fat fat, fat.
You done cheered your pants off.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you didn't buy tear-away stripper pants?