Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things That Have Happened

Here is what has happened between my last post and now:

Watched The Colony. It was ok.

Went out to dinner at Amigos.

Watched a little football.

Watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It doesn't do great against the test of time.

Watched Walking Dead. It's an ok season, but it just kind of meanders on.

Almost won the office football pool. Came down to points. Matt had 40. I had 42. The score was 41. We flipped a coin.

Been busy at work.

Went shopping for a new blazer. It was failure. I did order one from Gap. And there is one I want to keep my eye on at another store. Just too much for me to spend right now.

Took Jett to get his hair cut.

Ate at Lion's Choice.

Had to wear my winter coat today. Ugh.

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