Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Facial Tattoos

They don't just seem to be for Mike Tyson or people in mug shots anymore.

I've been seeing several girls with facial tattoos both in person and online lately.

What is going on?

These aren't some little star or something, it's along the jawline or above an entire eyebrow or at the hairline.

Have full sleeves and tons of coverage become so expected, that this is the next wave of making some sort of statement?

Now some that I have seen looked decent. But the girls were cute, so that didn't hurt. But they were also people who were most likely in their early 20's.

Maybe I am an old tattooed ruddy ruddy, but seems a little young to be making that sort of commitment for life. USed to be a tattoo that a shirt couldn't hide was getting risky.

So has anyone else been seeing this?

Am I just becoming a curmudgeon? Or do you agree?

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StlWalnut said...

I must be an old curmudgeon too. I think it's odd that people start with their wrists/neck/hands for their first tattoo's. I thought that's where you went after you ran out of space.