Sunday, November 23, 2014

Movie reviews


It was really good till the last 15 minutes. It was slow and tension building. Seeing this couple go from so happy to falling apart was interesting and you got it. But then the reveal of what was going on, was in a word... dumb. It went from people behaving as people would in this situation, to behaving as no one would in the situation. And the explanation sort of comes out of nowhere. There was no talk of it anytime before. Avoid this.

As Above So Below-

Also another slow building movie. But I really liked it. Not sure everything was clear, but that didn’t really matter. Some very odd unsettling images. I will say while well done, I am really getting sick of found footage POV movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy-
I missed seeing this in the theater. It was a blast. A great comic book movie. Very funny and the action scenes were a lot of fun. Easily my favorite movie I watched yesterday.

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