Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Movie Review

Men, Women & Children-

A movie about technology and relationships, and how it’s pretty much doing nothing but hurting them.

It follows several teenagers and adults all in one town. I liked how it would put screens above peoples heads in large shots, showing how everyone is entranced by their phone, and not 100% involved in what is going on around them.

This leads to new involvements for people and missed parts of life for others.

It is certainly not a feel good movie.

Every single thing is not 100% believable, but it is a movie.

Well worth seeing. Ignore the critics and the fact that it was in theaters for less than a month.

Sort of indicative of the message the film makes. In a different time, it would be allowed to stay in theaters, find an audience, not be panned by hundreds of faceless “reviewers” on the internet (such as myself).

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