Sunday, December 28, 2014

Movie Reviews

Gone Girl-

I read the book. All of her books actually.

I saw the trailer.

I anticipated this movie.

I never saw it in the theater.

It was the first time in a really long time, that I had read the book of something before it was made into a movie. So I went into this knowing what would happen, but wanted to see how they translated what happened.

It was done quite well. Casting was good.

Acting was good.

It was a technically sound movie.

My complaint is it seems this movie was made for the people like myself who had read the book. The plot seemed to not make any sort of big deal of the stories revelations or reveals. They were treated as you know it’s coming... so here it is, lets move on.

I liked it. But I never need to watch it again.

The Guest-

The typical story of the person who is not who they seem. So bad things happen.

Up until the 3rd act this was a good take on this know story. It had good atmosphere. The action was interesting. It had an interesting twist on this story.

But then it mostly fell apart. It became a joke of itself.

I hate when a movie does this.

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