Monday, September 14, 2015

The Weekend and A Movie Review

Yard work
Saw The Visit

Art fair (bought new painting)
Conspiracy videos
Watched Salad Days (reviewed below)

Salad Days-

A documentary of the punk rock scene in Washington DC from 1980-1990.

This was a project on kickstarter. I grew up listening and loving the bands that this is about so I donated money. When I donated it was September 11, 2012.

So 3 years later I finally got my DVD. I have yet to receive the other items I was supposed to get.

I watched the movie last night. It was pretty good. But it was probably only pretty good because of my love of the subject matter. I know every little thing can't be covered, but it really seemed to gloss over almost everything.

I can say that it really wasn't worth the wait. Not to mention that even once the film project was completed I had to wait more than a year to receive the DVD as the movie went on the festival circuit. I had to avoid going to see it when it did play in St. Louis.

It really could've been awesome (i.e. Film age), but it was fairly lackluster, saved only by some cool footage and amazing bands.

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