Thursday, December 31, 2015

Movie Review

The Big Short-

Lots of the jargon goes way over my head. And much of what goes on is kinda confusing, but I guess that is sort of the point. Wall Street creates their own language and rules so no one can really know what they are up to.

Last night I finished watching Making A Murder on Netflix. While I understand this documentary is very one sided, I am not sure how jurors could not find reasonable doubt in either case. Nor how their appeals were continually denied. It seems the group Anonymous is going to lend a hand. [Another article here]

And then to follow it with this movie is certainly a way to be depressed about two huge systems in America. Financial and Legal.

Both of them are pretty much corrupt and fucked.

So back to the movie... It was short in a very Scorsesse sort of way. The performances were good all around. Although in the end you have guys who get rich and make other people rich through the failure of others. So are they the “good” guys?

The most frightening part of the movie is in a super at the end, talking about how the doctor who saw the collapse years before it truly happened is currently only investing in one commodity; Water.

It’s worth watching. But you will feel mad and depressed afterward.

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