Monday, February 1, 2016

Movie Review


This was some direct to iTunes release. I knew nothing about it. And it's not like Keanu Reeves makes nothing but great movies, yet I still decided to watch it.

Is it perfect? No.

But it is an  interesting story, told in a fairly unique way. It unfolds slowly and oddly. You're not sure where it's going, and it certainly changes from what I expected, to what I got.

If you are going to watch it, I would suggest going in knowing nothing. Don't watch a trailer, don't read a synopsis.

I can't promise you'll like it. But I thought it was worth watching.

Although reading trivia on imdb the director/writer fought to have their name removed from this, because of how the studio did the final edit. I would be interested in seeing the directors vision as well. But I also remember that the director of Amrican History X wanted his name removed from that film. So just because the director is unhappy doesn't always make it a bad film.

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