Sunday, April 17, 2016

Horace and Pete Review

My wife and I just finished the series last night.

Foe those who don’t know H&P is a show that was only available through
He wrote directed and stars in his own show, and without it being on any sort of network it can really do whatever it wants.

Episodes aren’t a set length. Some are around 30 minutes, others run over an hour.

The show mostly feels like watching a live play. It takes place predominantly on 2 sets, a bar and  the bars upstairs apartment.

The cast is pretty stellar; Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Alan Alda, Jessica Lange and many more.

The plot has us get a glimpse into the lives of a very dysfunctional family and their historical 100 year old Brooklyn bar. While there are some funny parts, it is more of a drama. It feels like a throwback to 70s shows like All in the family. It tackles some dark serious issues but makes fun of some things through character dialogue.

It’s not a perfect show. There are times it feels uneven. But I applaud Louis CK to continue to create things that are completely unique and not follow the rules whatsoever. It’s creation also didn’t follow the normal format episodes were filmed and edited and partially written in the days leading up to the show’s weekly release.

I certainly looked forward to the email from Louis CK each saturday announcing the latest episode was available. I am also happy that it told the story in 10 episodes. That it didn’t go the way of greedy network shows and drag on for years and years. Retelling the same story in slightly different ways.

So you can go buy the the whole series for $31 here. I think it is well worth it.

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Some great trivia for the show from IMDB:

On mondays, the cast has a table read. On tuesdays, they block the scenes for the cameras. On wednesdays and thursdays, they film. On fridays, Louis C.K. edits the episode and on saturday Louis releases the episode on his website.

Joe Pesci was Louis's first choice to play Uncle Pete. (I think he got lucky this didn’t happen. It was far more interesting to see Alan Alda play that character)

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