Monday, January 16, 2017

Here We Go Steelers!

Watching the Steelers game against the Dolphins last week a friend of mine had the great idea that we should drive to Kansas City for their next game vs the Chiefs on Sunday.

Tickets were around $100, so we were going to play it by ear. Maybe go in the game, maybe just tailgate.

Well then there was the threat of ice storms.

But where that made us question if we would be able to go, it also made ticket prices plummet.

I got tickets for $30.

Even if we didn’t go, we were out $30. Big deal.

Well day of the game I texted my friends in KC to see what the weather was really like, since the map looked horrible.

No ice. just drizzle.

During the drive up we did see at least 30 cops trying to catch speeders.

We got to Arrowhead. It was an amazing night. Cold but not awful. And it seemed like the rain was not going to happen.

The crowd was intense. No one ever sat down for a second.

It was my first NFL playoff game ever. It was awesome to get the see the Steelers, and that they won.

Met a lot of nice steelers fans from all over the country.

Now if we can just beat the EVIL team this coming Sunday.

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