Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weekend fun.

Saturday around 10am the power went out at my house. The whole house went out so I knew if was some bigger problem not just our circuit breakers.

I reported the outage to Ameren.

I got a voicemail letting me know power would be restored around 1pm. Then I got another that it was fixed at noon.


So fast forward to 1030pm. I was going to take a shower. Turn on the water... nothing but cold. Damn. the hot water heater breaker was tripped.

I went to reset it. POP! it flips right back off. I try again. Nothing.

I assume the breaker was bad.  So I remove the breaker. And mind you I hate dealing with electricity. I get the breaker out. Go to bed sans shower.

Sunday go to the hardware store first thing, buy a new breaker, install it.

POP! same thing.

I turn to the internet. It says probably a bad heating element. So I call a plumber.

Oh boy Sunday emergency charges.

Plumber comes out (Percision Plumbing. Awesome people) he checks stuff, and then discovers something he has never seen before. The wiring going into the Water heater was FRIED. He said we were lucky there was not a fire.

So now I call an electrician. (they were also awesome although I am blanking on their name).

Guy looks it over. Fixes it no problem.

So sure I'm out $300+ but I at least have two go to places for these services now.

We are filing claims with Ameren, so hopefully I can recoup some if not all of my costs.

Oh... home ownership.

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