Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fancy Schmancy

I had bought these shoes a week or so ago.

I saw them in a few magazines and had to get them. I went to the Cole Hann store in Plaza Frontenac. The staff was super nice and super helpful.

Since I look the way I do, the above isn't always the case. I have made a rule for myself; if I walk in  store and at least don't get a greeting, I will not buy anything from them. But the people at Cole Hann greeted me and went above and beyond.

They didn't have my size in the exact shoe I wanted, but they could order them and they would ship for free directly to my house.

They showed up in 2 days.

Yesterday they called me to make sure they had arrived and that they fit well and that I was happy.

That is service.

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David Edward Johnson said...

Those are really gorgeous shoes.